Wednesday, April 26, 2006

technical debt

I was listening to the Ruby on Rails podcast and a term I had never heard mentioned was brought up: Technical Debt. One of the things I constantly struggle with is how to explain the benefits of doing something a certain way to people who make decisions, but are not technical. Technical Debt is a perfect term to imply that doing something quick and dirty up front will cause real costs in the future.

squaw_4-25 053

squaw_4-25 053
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Pic of Laura on Squaw Peak with Camelback in the background. Nice short hike after work... it's too bad that so many people hike it.

squaw_4-25 034

squaw_4-25 034
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Pic from the top of squaw peak, Laura and I hiked it yesterday after work.

Friday, April 21, 2006

only a matter of time

My schedule from week to week usually looks something like this: Monday: Work @ eldorado until 5. Go home & work on Grid7 until 10 or go to Refresh/Ruby Group until 11. Tuesday: Work until 5. Hike until 7. Go home & Grid7 until 10. Wednesday: Work until 5. Go home & work on Grid7 until 10. Thursday: Work until 5. Movie night until 11. Friday: Work until 5. Happy hour/night out. Saturday: Day Hike or Grid7 work. Night out. Sunday: Grid7 Meeting or Day Hike. As it is... I can't find enough time to get caught up at my day job and Grid7. At the same time I try to find time for myself, but it's hard unless it's part of my weekly schedule. I need to take some time off of work soon...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

what kind of blog are you?

I've written a bit of Ruby code that uses method missing to help you determine the type of blog given a url. So you can do something like: blog_url ='') if blog_url.blogger?   #do something for a blogger blog elsif blog_url.whatever?   #do whatever end This is the first thing I've written that I really feel takes advantage of Ruby. Up until now I've felt like I've just been writing Java code in Ruby.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

a funny convo I had with "Bob"

Bob: you need to learn to do what I do to handle workloads like that me: seriously... are you still working, what, three jobs? Bob: yea... here's the key. YOu start drinking at like... say 7am, by 9 you don't give a fuck what's going on and by 11 you forgot what needed to get done, but you are HILARIOUS around the office, so no one can stay mad at you. me: that's... AWESOME! Bob: tell me about it. Your mileage may vary with Laura though... just wear a sports cup as insurance. me: hahah Bob's name was changed to hide his laziness, but in all seriousness I have no free time.

Monday, April 17, 2006

the pleasant sound of falling water

Is it a bad thing if I come into work Monday morning, and can hear the sound of running water coming from the ceiling vent? It sounds like one of those small water falls that some people have. The sound doesn't bother me, actually I kinda enjoy it. But I wonder where the water is coming from... and where it's going. Ohh well.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday's Hike

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Here's a pic of me at the top of Siphon Draw in the Superstitions. Great hike. Went with Nick and Holly.

firefox flick

This is awesome!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Ok... the two things I can't figure out how to do in google calendar: 1. Display more than 2 events per day when viewing an whole Month. 2. Creating an RSS feed, or something similar... espically something I can add to my blog. EDIT: Settings->Calendars->Shared: Edit Settings->Calendar Details This gets you RSS and ICal links. EDITNUMERODOS: The number of events displayed per day is dependant on your screen resolution. So on my work pc and laptop I'm screwed... unless there some way I can trick it into thinking I have a higher resolution, hmmm.

google calendar

Google calendar has gone public. It's very slick, and seems to mimic Outlook's calendar fairly closely. At first glance I liked the feel of 30boxes over google. But with some minor setting tweaks, you can get the same look and feel out of google. I'm in the process of moving my schedule over to google calendar now.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

woot off

Woot off tonight/tomorrow. Must.. resist... urge.... to buy useless crap.

password protected rss feeds

Bloglines seems to be the rss reader of choice, but it doesn't work if your feeds are password protected. The best reader I've found is the Firefox plugin Wizz RSS. Seems to work fairly well. Ohh, and surfing the 'net is so 2004. Feeds are the shiznitz.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

ugly cars

Not your everyday el camino. This is the worst looking POS I've seen in awhile.