Wednesday, July 12, 2006

please sir, can i have some more

Time, money and space: these are three things that it seems you can never have enough of. In reality the more of these things we have the more of them we use, but they aren't required. If I have two weeks to completely a project at work, but the project itself only requires one week of coding. Chances are I will spend the first week reading digg... maybe a bit of the second week... and at the last minute buckle down and get the project finished ontime to meet the deadline. Even though I didn't need all that time to finish the project, I found a way to fill up that time. Various side Ruby or Rails projects I'm working on will probably never get finished (or at least to a point where other people could use them) because I have an unlimited amount of time to work on them. I know at one point I survived happily on a college wage. I lived in various cheap housing and didn't own a car, but I was happy. Now that I have a "real" job and am making money, I've found ways to use up that money: Nice car, nice apartment, etc. etc. Do I really need those things? No. But since I have the money I've found ways to spend it. My parents own a 360 acre farm (which they are trying to sell btw, so if you want to farm pistachios in the middle of az drop me a line) with TONS of space. They collect everything. Every single old broken piece of machinary gets kept. They have lots of space out there and they would use every inch if they could. When I moved into a two bedroom apartment in Phoenix, I didn't have nearly enough stuff to fill it. After a year it had slowly filled up, and moving from there into a one bedroom was a total bitch. Once I tossed out the extra crap I didn't really need and got settled into the one bedroom, I realized it wasn't that bad. I offloaded a bunch of crap I didn't need, and just held onto the things which were really important to me. I feel much more lean and efficient living in a one bedroom (kinda like moving from Java to Ruby) so much more that I'm trying to go above and beyond just getting rid of enough stuff to fit. I'm getting rid of everything I don't need. I think it would be awesome to eventually get to a point where everything I really need could fit into a single car. At that point I could pick up and go anyplace without the huge hassles that usually come with moving. Agile living in a sense ;) Hopefully at someday I will be able to manage my money and time like I am trying to manage my space. It's definately possible for me to do, I think I just need a swift kick in the ass or a strong shove in the right direction.


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