Friday, April 21, 2006

only a matter of time

My schedule from week to week usually looks something like this: Monday: Work @ eldorado until 5. Go home & work on Grid7 until 10 or go to Refresh/Ruby Group until 11. Tuesday: Work until 5. Hike until 7. Go home & Grid7 until 10. Wednesday: Work until 5. Go home & work on Grid7 until 10. Thursday: Work until 5. Movie night until 11. Friday: Work until 5. Happy hour/night out. Saturday: Day Hike or Grid7 work. Night out. Sunday: Grid7 Meeting or Day Hike. As it is... I can't find enough time to get caught up at my day job and Grid7. At the same time I try to find time for myself, but it's hard unless it's part of my weekly schedule. I need to take some time off of work soon...


Anonymous Sean Tierney said...

you've been kickin' major ass on G7 development but don't burn yourself out between that and your dayjob. I'm spread thin myself on a bunch of stuff and i have to constantly force myself to close the laptop lid at night and decompress with a movie or a book or friends. I'll ask Kimbro to delegate some rails dev to Jim and Mark and you should plan to take some time off for yourself- you'll be more jazzed and effective when you come back to it. My vacation in mexico in mexico 2wks ago was key in re-energizing me.

Believe me the Trac changeset log speaks for itself and nobody will fault you if you need to go offlist and take a break. You've done solid work thus far and everyone notices. Kimbro and I have a mission to make sure this all pays off for people like yourself that are putting in the time & dedication - we will do everything possible to make this stuff worthwhile.


4/25/2006 10:23:00 PM

Blogger Ben said...

Sean, thanks for the concern. I should be good on time/energy at least until the conclusion of our first G7 project. I'm just disapointed that I cannot devote as much time to all the different things going on in my life right now (including my day job =/).

4/25/2006 10:38:00 PM


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