Tuesday, July 04, 2006

my weekend project

So I was bored this weekend and decided to install SUSE on my laptop. And of course my love for eye candy made me install Xgl as well. It definately took a little work to get everything working, but I must say it is very cool. The hardest part was getting my wifi card to work correctly. I spent several hours fiddeling, browsing forums and wikis... but I couldn't get the card to find any of the access points I knew it should. Finally, right when I was about to say "SCREW THIS", I pressed the little wifi button (I SWEAR I tried this many times before) on the top of the keyboard... the little blue wifi light came on, a little notification came up that I was being connected to my wireless network, and bam! I was online... The simpler the problem is, the harder it is to find. I've only installed Linux on one other machine, and it wasn't my main machine that I relied upon. I always stayed away from using Linux fulltime because there isn't much love for Linux gamers, at least compared to Windows. But now I have a laptop that I don't want to install games on. All I want to do on my laptop is program and browse the web. As long as it runs eclipse and firefox I'm happy, and suse seems to handle both of those just fine.


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