Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Sock Gap

Jeff (from Coupling): I mean, where exactly do you take your socks off? My advice is to take them off right after your shoes, and before your trousers. That’s the sock gap. Miss it, and suddenly you’re a naked man in socks. No self-respecting woman will ever let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her. Youtube link


Anonymous James said...

Quite true. The vintage-porn, naked-but-for-black-socks look is not too suave.

Here's my trick: If the pants are coming off, but you realize the socks are still on yout feet, then *pull the socks off with the pants* all as part of the same move.

Reach for the bottom of the trouser leg to help pull the pants off, and grab the sock at the same time.

Just don't fall over while doing this.

6/28/2006 03:25:00 PM


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