Friday, February 10, 2006


PowerPoint presentations for me have always felt long and boring. That's just my general reaction to PowerPoint. I've sat through enough of these horrible presentations, that whenever I hear "PowerPoint" I instantly groan inwardly. I spent a year as a TA for the UofA teaching intermedate Java courses. At the UofA, the undergrad CS TAs got to actually lecture for 1 hour a week and host lab hours for a subsection of the class. I always attempted to stay away from PowerPoints as much as possible, I tried to get as much interaction going within the class as possible. But this presentation is amazing. It's not quite a PowerPoint, it's a Keynote presentation... but it's the same concept and has the same pitfalls in unskilled hands. But no... the presentation itself is amazing. A coworker labeled this kind of presenting as almost a rapping feel... to me it feels like a movie, a short fast moving film perhaps. In anycase, it captures you attention like nothing else I've seen. I encourage you to watch this, even if you know nothing on the subject matter.


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