Thursday, September 08, 2005

work blah-ness and JAI's ScrollingImagePanel

So, I haven't had time to work on Ruby. I got pulled into a project that should have been finished weeks before I started it. It's a reimplementation of an image viewer originally written in DB/C, but ran into performance issues which could not be resolved. So, we're rewritting it in Java. The app requires me to display various tiff files to the user. I found that the JAI ( library allows you to read, display, etc, tiff images in Java. Nice library, let's you do tons of things, but horrid documentation. I was looking around for tutorials and examples, and I found a lot of people using this ScrollingImagePanel to do the display. That's nice, but it's deprecated. Obviously all these tutorials were written when such was not the case. The javadoc for the class states that ScrollingImagePanel is deprecated, but doesn't tell you what you're supposed to use in it's place. Nice. After several minutes of google searching I find that the DisplayJAI class is the replacement. So here's the thing, if you're going to write something that other people are going to use make sure there's decent documentation. Poor documentation makes me a sad panada.


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