Friday, August 12, 2005

tgif... kinda...

Gawd, why are some people so thick. If you were given $10,000 dollars and were told that you had to drive across the country (and you didn't have a car) or else something really bad would happen, what would you do? Probably go out to your local car dealer and buy a car and drive across the country, right? That's the COMMON SENSE thing to do here. You wouldn't spend the 10k on a bunch of random car pieces and BUILD YOUR OWN FUCKING CAR FROM SCRATCH! Of course there may be some that would do the later. One of the new major projects I'm working on recently decided to go from thick client/server to a web app. Great. I love web apps. Tis what I do best. A web app, 95% chance it's gonna be written in Java. Java web app... COMMON SENSE tells me the best technologies here would be JSF, Spring, and Hiberate. If you'd really want to, you could use Struts... but it seems to be dying off. Could also use Tapestry. Probably throw in Tiles or Sitemesh as well... and spice it up with a little AJAX. The lead programmer/achitect on this project is writing the web app in Python. At least that's what he's written the first few prototyped pages in. I guess he plans on re-implementing it in Java, but he doesn't plan on using any of the technologies I've mentioned. He's going to write his own, then make all of us other programmers work with his homebrewed tools/frameworks. Does he have any good reason to do this? No. Has he ever heard of any of the things I suggested we use? No. Why do people do this? Why do people want to build their own shit when there's stuff already out there that does the EXACT same thing, and is free, and is stable? Maybe I should start drinking at work. I think that would help keep me from getting pissed of at this kinda crap.


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